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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening at Hanover House

A beautiful, healthy looking smile always leaves an amazing first impression on friends, family, and co-workers.

When patients have a bright, white smile, they will experience a boost in confidence and self-esteem. Looking good can translate into feeling good, and one way that the patients of Hanover House Dental Clinic can improve their smile is with teeth whitening dentistry.

So if you have an important event to attend or just want to feel good about yourself; give us a call to arrange a free “ Am I suitable for Teeth Whitening” consultation.

Our clients can enjoy tooth whitening from our dentists Pieter or Luke  at a fee of only £350. This at-home whitening kit is offered for patients who want to maintain a beautiful smile for years to come! Whitening with at-home whitening kits is easy. 

before teeth whitening in Kent after teeth whitening in Kent
Before Teeth Whitening After Teeth Whitening

Patients will have impressions taken at Hanover House Dental Clinic, which will be used to make whitening trays. Drops of whitening gel are placed in the trays and worn for a specific period of time every day for two or three weeks to attain maximum results. Patients can use the whitening trays and gel whenever they want to touch up their teeth and continue to enjoy a more beautiful smile!

This tried and true way of whitening teeth is completely safe and effective for patients of all ages. In-office whitening has been shown to be less effective and result in risks such as extreme sensitivity that is avoided through the use of whitening trays and gel. Pieter and Luke use whitening products which have provided amazing, long-lasting results for patients who want to achieve a more beautiful smile quickly and easily

Are you interested in starting on the tooth whitening for life program? Call Hanover House Dental Clinic today in Tonbridge or complete the form below to see if you are suitable.

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