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Same Day Crowns

Same Day Crowns at Hanover House

One of the greatest innovations in modern dentistry is chair-side milling. With the CEREC system, Dr. Pieter Claassen can create top quality, aesthetic porcelain crowns right here during your appointment. Your tooth can be restored from start to finish in a single visit.

"The Most Amazing Experience" Says Michelle

Traditionally, the process took several weeks, starting with impressions being taken and sent off to a lab. CEREC is different right from the beginning. Instead of typical impressions, we will take detailed, digital images. Your restoration is designed on-screen, using the innovative CEREC software. The milling machine uses this data in a precision CAM (computer assisted manufacturing) process.

The accuracy of our CEREC milling machine is measured at +/- 25 microns. Exacting precision means a more comfortable and beautiful restoration.

A variety of metal-free ceramic options is available, including feldspar zirconia. Your new crown is fabricated from a solid block of quality dental ceramic for a lasting restoration that is indiscernible from a natural tooth. In documented studies, which are available on the manufacturer's website, CEREC restorations have demonstrated longevity equal to, or better than gold restorations.

We are dedicated to providing the best option in any situation. A small cavity does not have a significant effect on the tooth structure; however, without treatment it will keep spreading. We offer several filling options, including tooth-coloured composite. Large cavities do weaken the tooth structure. Filling the cavity would stop the spread of decay, but not strengthen the tooth. In that case, a CEREC crown is a much better option.

Nearly 200 CEREC restorations are placed every hour around the world. This system is founded on proven technology, which was first introduced 25 years ago. In that time, it has undergone many clinical trials, and has been used in dental practices worldwide. The machinery and science behind CEREC has also evolved and improved continuously. Today, a full crown can be fabricated from the latest metal-free materials in less than ten minutes.

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