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Face & Beauty

Face & Beauty at Hanover House

Hanover House Dental brings more to your smile than outstanding teeth. We offer patients in Tonbridge and the surrounding area facial treatment to plump up lips, soften wrinkles, volumize hollows, and enhance the face with youthful fullness.

Our facial treatments deliver many of the results of a surgical facelift, with a number of added benefits:

  • Minimally invasive. We use a customized combination of injectables to effectively address the areas that cause you the most concern. These dermal fillers and neuromodulators are precisely placed just under the skin using a very fine needle. The procedure carries none of the surgical risk of anesthesia or scarring.
  • In house. We perform facial treatment right here at the office you are accustomed to visiting for dental check-ups. You don't have to see a specialist or check into a hospital. Dr. Claassen and his team administer the treatment personally.
  • Long lasting, but temporary. The results of your non-surgical facial rejuvenation will last several months to several years. It depends on the products used, the areas of the face treated, and your very personal habits like sleeping style and facial animation. You get long-term value from your investment, but avoid the uncertainty of a permanent, surgical alteration.
  • Predictable. Dr. Claassen and his team are specially trained and quite experienced in facial treatment. By planning with an artist's eye, injecting with a dentist's precision, and observing strict medical safety standards, no surprises are likely in the outcome of your makeover.
  • Minimal discomfort. Injection sessions are brief and well-tolerated. While there is some chance of minor bruising or redness, it is quite temporary. You may return to normal activities right away with no recovery period or downtime.
  • Affordable. Every facial treatment plan is individualized, but generally the cost is much more economical than a surgery.
  • Results! Smoother facial contours, less noticeable wrinkles, diminished fine lines, and fuller lips. You'll enjoy the confidence and satisfaction of knowing you look terrific.

Why see your dentist in Tonbridge for facial treatment? He has years of training in analyzing aesthetic dimensions – from the overall planes of facial features to the minutest detail of dental restorations. His relationship with your face needn't end with your teeth. Complete the form below to see if you are suitable.

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