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Dentist Referrals to Hanover House

Dentist Referrals to Hanover House

Here at Hanover House, we appreciate when another dentist or dental professional is kind enough to entrust us with their patient for short term treatment. When patients are referred to us, we will treat them with the same calming and gentle nature as we do our own, helping them through their respective courses of treatment, and no referred patient will be accepted by us for routine long term care.

We guarantee any referred patient will always be returned to your care on completion of treatment, though periodic follow up reviews may be necessary.


Dr Pieter Claassen, BChD (Pret) 1999, MSc ImpDent (Warwick) – 

Pieter Claassen, Principal Dentist at Hanover House Dental PracticePieter Claassen is the principal dentist at Hanover House and is able to accept Implant, Cosmetic and Restorative referrals and minor oral surgeries like extractions, apicoectomies and other procedures

Pieter will also work with you on implant cases. He can provide the implant while you work on the crown, for example. Dental professionals who wish to learn more from Pieter about implants can also get in contact using the forms below.



Dr Luke Mirza, BDS (Brist) 2010 –

Luke Mirza has been a dentist at Hanover House for over 5 years now. He is able to accept Short Term Orthodontic, Cosmetic and Endodontic referrals, as well as minor oral surgeries also.Luke Mirza, Associate Dentist at Hanover House Dental Practice




Click on the links below to send us your Dentist Referral Form. Also below is a map to give to your patients, highlighting where we are and where they can park:

Below are the same Dentist Referral forms in a version you can download, print and send to us via post or email:

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