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Headache? Jaw Hurting? Time for a Change…

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Jaw Pain, Teeth Grinding and Headaches…

Cerezen ear plugs used for jaw pain, teeth grinding and headaches

If you find yourself with a lot of jaw pain, or that you’re grinding your teeth, or even that you have a headache close to the temples – you’re experiencing TMD. TMD stands for Temporomandibular Disorders. These have the following symptoms: cerezen ear devices for jaw pain Usually, treatments for TMD include medications like muscle relaxants to stop the jaw contracting; or a dental appliance called a ‘splint’, which fits over the teeth and stops the upper and lower teeth from meeting. This means that it becomes difficult to grind your teeth, so you can’t stress your jaw too much. But now, there is a new solution!


Cerezen are the makers of a new appliance that fit in your ears. These work on the muscles themselves, to stop them from contracting, allowing the muscles to relax more. Dr Pieter Claassen is now able to prescribe these ear plugs. They are custom built to your ears, so can only be used for you. They are also comfortable enough to wear day & night without effecting your hearing or being noticeable. For more information on the Cerezen devices, click here.

The Process

  1. Come in for your free consultation to see if you are suitable for this treatment.
  2. We will then sort out a referral to an audiologist, who will perform an ear health check, and take impressions for your custom made ear devices.
  3. These get sent off to the lab, and once back, we will fit them.
  4. Two weeks after you’ve had your devices, one of our Treatment Coordinators will check up on you to see how you’re liking the devices. If you have any issues, we’ll contact the lab and get them refined for you.
  5. At the eight week mark, we will check in again to see how you are doing.

How do I Book an Appointment?

Call us on 01732 353 402 or speak to a member of the team, and they will be happy to help!   For our last Industry Update, click here.

Staff Update

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Staff Update: Barcelona, Sting-Rays and a New Face in Town

June and July marks the start of summer, and it’s already shaping up to be a very hot season! Summer means sun, school holidays and of course, vacations to anywhere other than the not always sunny UK. With one of our team just recently coming back from Antigua, and another who flew off to Barcelona to celebrate a birthday, let’s check in with the team at Hanover House for a staff update:

Pieter – Staff Update July 2017: A picture of Barcelona, where Pieter Claassen of Calm & Gentle Dental Care Tonbridge visited.

  This last weekend, Pieter and his wife, Estie flew to Barcelona to celebrate her 40th Birthday! Embracing the heat and the beach, we’re sure they were a little shocked to return to the UK and have the same 30ºC heat they had in Spain!


Fresh off the plane from Antigua, Anna’s sun-tan is one to be rivalled. Anna had a great time in the Caribbean, even swimming with stingrays! Find out more about Stingray City here. (IMAGE TO COME FROM ANNA)  


July marks the beginning of Louise’s three months here, and she’s really enjoying meeting all our lovely patients!  


Sandy has been busy as ever, but still enjoying the summer sun. While only on Reception Monday – Wednesday, Sandy often pops in on her days off or over the weekend to do the gardening. The garden is looking lively, fresh and colourful thanks to Sandy and her green thumb!

A New Face…

Alison is our newest face on the team. Working on Reception on a Thursday, Alison will be helping you to book appointments, check in and out and answer the phone. Some of you will have spoken to her already! Alison has been in the dental field for a while now, and was a dental nurse in and around Kent for 7 years, so she is a perfect fit for the team.   More from the Staff Update next month!

9 Tips for a Healthy Summer Smile!

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Smile…It’s Summer!

9 Tips to Protect those Teeth in the Summer Months…

9 Tips to a Safe Summer Smile

Summer is finally here, and after a long winter, we’re sure you’re glad to be seeing the sun and getting outdoors or ready to go on holiday! But be careful. Take a look at our tips below to make sure you’re protecting that smile, and seeing more of the outdoors than seeing more of the dentist:  

1. Check Up before you Check In –

Most people tend to visit the dentist just before the kids go back to school in September, but this is the wrong way round! Make sure you visit the dentist before you go on holiday to make sure you aren’t at risk of a problem happening while you’re away – meaning more time in the sunshine and having fun, and less time spent nursing a throbbing pain!  

2. Water, on the rocks (or the beach) –

While the sunshine and heat are one reason to stay hydrated, another reason is that water helps to wash away that nasty plaque that causes decay. It can even help stop smelly breath!  

3. Oh, sugar! –

Though Summer means freedom for a lot of people, it’s sometimes best not to go all out – this is especially the case with sugar! This doesn’t mean you need to cut sugar out completely, just to be careful about how much you’re taking in. For example, if you plan on spending the day at the beach and drinking four and/or more cocktails, a slice of cake after dinner may not be the best idea for your teeth.  

4. Chapped Lips and Chapstick –

Everyone likes to get a tan, and the majority of people wear sun cream to stop the sun damaging their skin. But a lot of people also forget about their lips! With the skin on our lips being so thin and vulnerable, make sure to get a lip balm with an SPF to stop your lips from becoming chapped and sore. Shielding your lips from the sun is very important, as sun damage to your lips can lead to oral cancer.  

5. Carry On Nurse –

It’s always a good idea to hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. This is why we advise packing a mini dental first aid kit, a bit like this one from DenTek.  

6. There’s Always Time for a Cocktail, but should there be? –

Remember earlier where I mentioned those four or more cocktails? Well, try not to make it to the ‘or more’ stage. This tip is all about regulating your alcohol intake. Alcohol is one of the leading causes of tooth decay and actually dries your mouth out! Stay hydrated and have fun, but don’t be excessive.  

7. Bring a Spare –

This may come as a surprise, but one of the most common items lost on holiday are dentures! Usually following a bout of sickness, either overboard or in the toilet, the wearer often doesn’t realise the dentures have come out. It’s always a good idea to make sure you’ve got your backup pair.  

8. A block of cheese, stick of gum and a glass of water walk into a bar… –

No, this isn’t the start of a terrible joke (though I’m sure there’s one in there somewhere). When eating something super sugary, we suggest that you have either a block of cheese, a chew on some sugar-free gum or a nice glass of water afterwards. This can help to neutralise the bacteria in your mouth, and keep that smile nice and healthy!  

9. Who You Gonna Call?

When there’s something strange going on in your mouth, who do you turn to? Well, if you’re on a European Holiday, whip out your European Health Insurance Card and call the helpline number on there. If you are a member of our Care Plan, the details can be located here (and if you’re not on our Care Plan – check out our offer this month). If you’re travelling outside of Europe, the best number to call is either that of your travel insurers, or the Dental Helpline on 0845 063 1188.   Well, there are 9 tips to keep your smile safe over the summer – hope you all have lovely holidays!

Care Plan

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Offer of the Month: Care Plan

Care Plan Hanover House Dental, Calm & Gentle Dental Care

Our Monthly Offer: Care Plan

If you haven’t heard of the Care Plan before, it is a great way to spread the cost of your dental appointments and treatments across the course of the year. The monthly scheme covers the cost of your six monthly check-ups and cleans, as well as offering you 20% off all treatments, and emergency dental insurance both abroad and 15 miles away from home.

Hanover House Dental Care introduced their first monthly dental plan over a decade ago and during the past 11 years our members have benefited from the comfort, reliability and savings that come with the affordable monthly plan.

What does the Care Plan include?

Becoming a member allows you to;
• Pay monthly and spread the cost of your routine, yet essential dental care
• Guarantee dental emergency appointments when required
• Two dental examinations every twelve months
• Screening for oral disease including Oral Cancer
• Visit the hygienist twice a year (with a twelve month period) for a scale & Polish including periodontal advice
• Routine X-Rays (when required)
• Nutritional and Oral Health Advice
• Members Card with a 24 Hour helpline for dental emergencies for out of hours and when abroad
• Worldwide Supplementary Dental Injury and Emergency Insurance
• 10% Discount on Dental Treatment Required
• Preventative Dental Care
• Guaranteed Registration – Not categorised, monthly fee not dependent on dental history

Who is Our Plan For?

Our plan is designed for patients who wish to attend the practice on a regular basis and have peace of mind that their routine, yet essential dental care is covered.


Our research shows that on average, the members of our Care Plan have 65% less gum disease that someone paying on a pay as you go basis. We attribute this to the fact that Care Plan adults tend to come in more often to see the dentist and hygienist because the costs of these visits are included in the monthly Care Plan fee.

Because we are so passionate about our patients maintaining excellent oral health, we want to invite you all to join the plan and take advantage of the many benefits that you will experience as a member!

This month, we want to offer you a full free month if you sign up to the plan before July 31st – and we won’t charge you the set up fee – That’s 12 months of dental cover for the price of 11!

All you have to do is chat to a member of the team, or contact them on 01732 353 402, and get signed up today.

Crowns vs CEREC

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Crowns vs. CEREC

What Makes CEREC Same Day Crowns better than normal Crowns?

Same Day CEREC Crowns at Calm & Gentle Dental Care Rustington

1. No sticky impressions…

The magic of CEREC is that all measurements are taken digitally. Now for crowns, you’ll never have to take uncomfortable impressions again!  

2. Less Waiting Time

CERECs can take a maximum of two appointments – one to prescribe you a crown, and one to shade match, create and fit. That’s it! And without the three to six week waiting time like normal crowns…  

3. Strong & Long Lasting

CERECs are made from a biocompatible material. This means that it blends in with the other teeth, and mimics how they work. That means you can use them to crunch and chew with any food! CERECs also have a longer lifetime, with some ranging up to 30 years of life!  

4. Colour Match

With the same day crown function at Calm & Gentle Dental Care Tonbridge, our dentists take the time to match the ceramic block to the shade of the other teeth in your mouth. They then paint and glaze the crown to make sure that no one could tell the difference – whether the crown is placed on your front tooth, or your molar!  

5. Fits like a glove…

Because the dentist takes detailed digital impressions, and is able to make adjustments while you’re in the chair, CEREC crowns are completely custom built for you. That’s why they should be comfortable and tailored to your mouth!

Sensitive Teeth? 7 Tips to Keep the Pain Away

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7 Tips for Sensitive Teeth

Do you find that your teeth hurt when eating ice cream or drinking a hot drink? Then you may have sensitive teeth. Not to worry – we’ve got 7 Tips to help keep that pain away:

1. Use a Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth:

This one may sound a bit silly, but it can help to solve the problem in the long run. Normally, your teeth are protected by the enamel, which is the white part of the tooth. Over time, acidic foods and grinding wear this layer of enamel down, which exposes the part of the tooth called dentin to the air and hot and cold foods. This is how sensitivity occurs. Sensitive toothpastes are designed to block these tunnels to the nerves which cause pain in your teeth. Diagram showing how teeth can become sensitive.

 2. Use a Soft Bristled Toothbrush

Sometimes sensitivity can be caused by brushing too hard or with a toothbrush with bristles that are too hard. By using a softer bristled toothbrush in a circular motion at a 45 degree angle, you can limit the damage done to the enamel of the tooth and still have a clean and fresh mouth!  

3. Look for products that contain Fluoride

Many people don’t realise the benefits of fluoride for the teeth. It can help to remineralise and strengthen a tooth surface after damage from bacteria! Try to use a fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash in conjunction with flossing.


Yes, we know about that article that came out not too long ago telling people that flossing doesn’t do anything (see here if you would like to read up on it), but flossing can be incredibly important when done properly. We always advise those who have enough space between their teeth to floss with TePe or other interdental brushes, and for those who don’t, to use dental floss. This is because food and plaque can collect here. This plaque can eat away at the enamel, causing teeth to be sensitive and decay to start forming.

5. Let’s Check that Diet

Everyone likes a bit of Coca Cola, a glass of wine every now and then, and even orange or apple juice with breakfast. Unfortunately, these are also the drinks that hurt our teeth the most. This is because they are acidic, and the acid erodes the enamel on our teeth. By limiting (not stopping entirely!) these drinks, you could save your teeth a bit of pain.

6. The Daily Grind

Sensitive teeth can be caused by grinding your teeth together. Most people don’t even know they’re grinding because they do it while they’re asleep! If you find you are waking up in the morning with a sore jaw or a headache, it’s always best to get checked by the dentist to see if they can spot the signs of tooth grinding. Then, they can take the steps to either create a night guard for you to stop your teeth from rubbing together, or perhaps another solution with Cerezen Ear Canal Inserts that can help to prevent these issues.

7. Speak to Your Dentist

Your Dentist could be able to help you by applying a sealant over the teeth where you feel the sensitivity the most. Alternatively, if your sensitive teeth are being caused by a deep cavity, you may be a suitable candidate for root canal. This would help to fix the issues within the tooth’s soft core.   And those are our tips! If you would like more information, please contact us on 01732 353402 to have a chat about your sensitive teeth.

Industry Update: CEREC Smiles at Hanover House Dental

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Industry Update!

Those of you who have had traditional crowns will know that they can take up to six weeks to create! But in this industry update, we explore a new update in the field of dentistry that could allow people to have a crown, veneer or deep filling all on the same day…

Same Day Crowns with CEREC

CEREC is a machine that our dentists use to create crowns. Firstly, the dentist and nurse prepare the tooth that the crown will sit upon. Then they scan the tooth with a intra-oral camera that produces a digitalised model of the mouth. After this, the dentist can design the crown which is sent to the milling unit. A solid block of porcelain that matches the shade of the patient’s teeth is placed in the unit, and once the dentist presses go, the machine shapes the porcelain block to the shape of the design. After approximately seven minutes, the machine finishes milling, and the crown is ready to be placed. This means they can be used for emergency patients too! Click here for our emergency hotline number.

Industry Update: The CEREC Machine at Hanover House Dental in Tonbridge, Kent

The CEREC and Milling Machines

CEREC Crowns for Dental Implants

There’s a lot of mystery around how dental implant crowns are made, so Pieter’s made a quick video to show you just how it’s done:



For more information on dental implants, click here.

CEREC Crowns are available at Hanover House Dental now, for more information, please call 01732 353402.

Wedding in the Summer Sun: Sparkling Teeth and Flawless Skin!

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 May Means Wedding Season

And Hanover House Dental Have a Bridal Bundle For You and Your Guests

Every May, Wedding Seasons begins, and this year, we’d like to mark your special occasion by creating a beautiful bridal bundle.   Wedding Bridal Deal: Facial Treatments and Teeth Whitening at Hanover House Dental     With our popular facial treatments to reduce thin lines, refresh the face and provide a youthful looking tone, and Teeth Whitening for a brighter and naturally white looking smile, this bundle will make you look and feel more radiant and special on your big day! This offer is available for Brides and Grooms, and the whole wedding party – including guests! And, you don’t have to worry if your wedding is in the Winter. With this deal, you can purchase and redeem later on in the year. To find out more about our facial treatments, click here, and for teeth whitening information, click here. Alternatively, call us on 01732 353 402. To book your appointment, call us today, or drop us an email by clicking here.
Terms & Conditions apply, a 50% deposit will be taken upon appointment booking.

The Staff Update

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Staff Updates for the Month of May!

We have three little snippets for this month’s newsletter from our lovely staff update – read on to find out who is jetting off across the Atlantic, who is taking a quick trip South, and who has just passed a big milestone…

One lucky staff member heads to Antigua…

As if she wasn’t golden enough, Anna – our bright and bubbly trainee nurse, heads off to Antigua for a relaxing

Staff Update: Anna from Hanover House Dental heads to Antigua

Anna’s Holiday Destination

vacation in the sun. With beach huts, temperatures of over 30˚C, and sparkling blue seas, we’re sure Anna will enjoy her time away from the not always sunny UK!






…and another takes a jaunt to Pretoria…

Pieter head’s off back home to see his dad for his 80th birthday, to the large and busy city of Pretoria. Famous for it’s bright

Staff update: Pieter Claassen of Hanover House Dental heads to Pretoria over the long weekend.

Pretoria, South Africa

purple jacaranda trees, Pretoria is one of the three capital cities of South Africa, and the city where both Pieter and Estie studied to become dental professionals!


 …while a third passes a milestone…

A big congratulations to Amy, our Senior Nurse, and her husband Jamie – it’s their first wedding anniversary!

Pictured here in Disneyland Paris where they have just come back from a long weekend away.


For more staff updates, check back next month…

Refer a Friend Competition at Hanover House

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Don’t Keep Us a Secret…

Don't Keep Us a Secret

Recently, we launched a competition.

This competition is a bit like a prize draw, but it has two separate prizes! All you have to do is refer one friend to us to be entered into a draw to win £100 to put towards whatever you’d like!

The person that refers the most patients to us will get £400 straight away, on top of entry into the draw – meaning you could win £500 for helping to spread the word about Hanover House!


For more information, please feel free to contact us on 01732 353402

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